Twin Cities TMJ and Facial Pain Clinic

 Patient Care 

At the patient's initial appointment, the doctor and staff will obtain a history of symptoms, complete an examination of the head and neck area and discuss exam findings, diagnosis and treatment options

We review the evaluation findings with each patient and discuss the factors contributing to their condition

A comprehensive treatment program is coordinated for each patient, which may include

·       Self Care Program 
        (a list of ideas for patients to follow) 
·       Splint/appliance therapy programs 
·       Physical therapy programs 
·       Coordinating care with other health care providers such as:               

         -Primary physician 
         -General dentist 
         -Health Psychologist 
         -Oral/maxillofacial surgeon 
         -Physical therapist 

We explain the risks, benefits and reasonable expectations of the appropriate treatment options to each patient and the importance of compliance with the treatment program. 

We follow-up with the patient as indicated depending on the treatment they pursue. 

A report outlining the patient's symptoms, examination findings, diagnosis and treatment plan is sent to the patient's healthcare providers

Our goal for each patient is to re-establish his or her comfort and function to the highest degree possible within a reasonable period of time.