Facial Massage Techniques

Inframandibular Massage


Use your thumbs to gently stroke underneath your jaw to help relax the medial pterygoid and digastric muscles.


Place your thumbs under your mandible (lower jaw) starting back below your ears. Glide your thumbs forward towards your chin and you should notice this area softening as you massage.


Repeat 5-10x or until you feel the area is more relaxed. 

Masseter Massage

Massage 2.png

Use your index and middle fingers to help relax the deep and superficial master muscles.

Place these fingers at your TMJ and gently stroke in a gliding motion towards your chin. This should be done to the lower part of your jaw going underneath your cheekbone towards your nose.

Always pull away from your TMJ so the joint is not compressed and do not pull so hard that you feel any strain in the TMJ.

Repeat 5-10x or until you feel the area relax.

Temporalis Massage

Massage 3.png

Use your entire hand (palm, fingers) to help relax the anterior, middle and posterior temporalis. To find this muscle, clench your jaw and you will feel it bulge under your fingers.

With your hands, gently stoke in a circular motion lifting up and back through your temples. As the muscle relaxes, work the area more deeply.

Repeat 5-10x or until you feel some relaxation in the muscle.

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