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Patient Stories from Twin Cities TMJ & Facial Pain Clinic

"Dr. Streif is extremely knowledgeable and personable! I finally feel like I have an appliance appropriate for me (after multiple failed ones)!"  

"The doctor and staff at this clinic really care about helping with my pain and trying to solve the problem.

At times I have had to wait to see Dr. Streif but he always gives me 100% so what is there to complain about." - Mary 

"The staff members here are beyond friendly. Way to go!!"

"I appreciate the doctor and staff's willingness to sit down with me and actually discuss my situation. I've gained so much knowledge of my TMJ since coming here!"

"Staff was amazing along with the doctor. 

The mouth guard is working better than I ever expected!" - Brenda

 "What I appreciate about your clinic is treating my teeth grinding as a medical condition instead of feeling like it's dental cosmetology. I've tried multiple night guards and this one actually works!" 

Night Guard Success Stories

"I had lost hope and thinking I would be dealing with my jaw pain and headaches the rest of my life; but after just a couple of days, I am now waking well-rested and without tension in my jaw, head and neck. 


My new night guard is a smashing success."  - Joyce from Edina

"I was in pain and hoped for assistance. Dr. Streif and his staff from the TMJ & Facial Pain Clinic delivered! In a short six weeks I went from having jaw pain, not being able to sleep through the night and waking with headaches to being pain-free, sleeping through the night and no more headaches. The staff members were kind, asked probing questions and were great listeners. Dr. Streif explained in understandable terms what he felt was happening to me and the solutions. A night guard was recommended. I had gone that path years before and had limited success. The night guard I received from them is incredibly non-invasive and comfortable. Dr. Streif and team worked to make sure that the fit was perfect. Dr. Streif mentioned that some people report that they can sleep through the night, once they wear the night guard. I hope that would be my case and it was! On my return appointment, I told the staff at TMJ & Facial Pain Clinic that they were miracle workers and I meant it. I highly recommend Dr. Streif and team." - Linda from Crystal

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