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Dr. Streif and his team will work with you to get the right fit for maximum comfort with your custom night guard from Twin Cities TMJ & Facial Pain Clinic.
For patients who would benefit from the use of a night guard, our mission is to assist them by creating a properly designed, comfortable and effective night guard.

Twin Cities TMJ & Facial Pain Clinic is your destination for custom-fit night guards in the Minneapolis area

Over the past three decades, we have created over 10,000 night guards for our patients in the Minneapolis-Twin Cities metro area. 

To create custom-fit nightguards, we use the Midmark True Definition Scanner, for more information on how it works, please click here!

Benefits of Night Guards

Night Guards are an essential component in the successful management of many problems and conditions.

Night guards prevent wear and tear on your teeth

Grinding your teeth during sleep can wear them down over time. By covering the teeth with a night guard during sleep, you can protect them from long-term wear and tear.

A custom-fit night guard can save you money over the long term

Patients have required crowning teeth from broken/worn teeth due to their clenching or grinding habits. The National Average of one crown is $1292. Wearing a night guard can save you needing MULTIPLE crowns due to breaking/wearing down teeth at a similar cost of ONE crown.                                                                                                                

Night guards can alleviate tension that causes the jaw to click or pop 

The tension caused by grinding teeth or clenching during sleep can cause a clicking or popping noises to be made by the jaw in the mornings once regular movement resumes.

Night guards can help prevent tension headaches caused by sleep bruxism (teeth grinding)

When you grind your teeth at night (sleep bruxism) it can cause a lot of tension in the head and neck, causing tension headaches. A nightguard helps protect against clenching and grinding, fixes sleep bruxism, and helps to alleviate and/or eliminate tension headaches. 

Night guards can put an end to morning jaw soreness and pain

By alleviating tension in the jaw muscles, nightguards can help stop morning jaw soreness and alleviate the pain that many people wake up with in the morning. A custom-fit nightguard is the best non-surgical solution to morning jaw soreness and pain. 

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